Samulnori & Red Sun with Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Lady Alma

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Grand Theater of Hanam Culture and Art Center, Seoul, South Korea

Saturday Ocotber 20th 2018 The Hanam Cultural Foundation will hold the 'Call to Spirit & Big Vibration' performance on the 20th at the Grand Theater of Hanam Culture and Art Center, where traditional instruments and vocals from East and West meet.

The stage will meet Korean traditional musical instruments such as Janggu, Jing, Chung-ri and Buk, saxophone, bass guitar and western and eastern vocals as well as music like Samulnori, Jazz, Pansori, Minyo, I'm going.

Kim Deok-soo, who is the best example of our time, Red Sun, a multi-national jazz group, Jungs vocalist Woongsan, fusion Korean classical ensemble Sinawi and baritone cosmos.

The performance was planned in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Samulnori 's birthday, Kim Duk - soo' s Samulnori and 30 years' friendship of Jazz group Red Sun.

It is a meaningful performance prepared by a solo performance at Hanam Culture and Arts Hall ahead of the 30th anniversary of the promotion of Hanam city next year. Kim Deok-su, who is the general manager of the company, is going to show the conquering of the new music that transcends the preservation of tradition and transcends time, race, continent and genre on this stage.

The first performance begins with the ceremony "Mun-gut", in which performers and audiences are united, and is decorated with a traditional stage that weighs on our sounds and rhythms such as samulnori, dancing, folk songs, and song. Especially, Kim Duk-soo's Janggo Sanjo who catches up with the annual rings captivates the eye. Here, the performance of the Hanoolim Troupe, the tone of the voice of the cosmos, the singer of Lee Kyung-sook, the Gyeonggi Gyeonggi folk song, and the Gyeonggi-do intangible cultural asset Lee Jeong-hee's Gyodangdusa Sinawi dance.

The second part is a new collaboration of music from the East and the West. Among the five recordings released together with Red Sun and Kim Duk-soo Samulnori, the songs that are considered to be the most Korean and have artistic value and the newly composed music for this performance are played together. 'Spirit Warriors', 'Time Boundary', 'Golden Birds', 'Rabbit Story', 'Childbearing & Hiking', 'No Secret' ), Park Jong Ho (Pansori), and Yun Hyeong-wook (Flute) are released.

The foundation said, "This show will bring out the wonderful touches and wonderful moments of the process in which each music world becomes a beautiful one."

Red Sun Jamaaladeen Tacuma : Bass Wolfgang Puschnig ; Sax, Flute Lady Alma - Vocals