Music & The Human Experience


  • A comprehensive 3 PART hands on workshop and lecture based on the concept of the business of music and the human experience, Improvisation as a means of musical expression and the global appreciation of today's world musical language.
  • This workshop and lecture is for all musicians , DJs, non musicians and for anyone interested in the business of music and the concept of collective improvisation. The Workshop will be tailored for the age and experience level of participants .This workshop and lecture deals with the professions, economics and the structure and development of today's music business. The discussions will also give insight as to how today's musicians can develop their own business and promotional strategies to help their chosen careers.
  • Musical instrumentalist will spend time with each other creating and improvising as a means to develop their own unique musical voice and learn improvising from a harmolodic perspective. 
  • Jamaaladeen Tacuma is pleased to share his experiences and long term musical and human adventures as an independent musical artist with all who attend. Jamaaladeen has toured and traveled around the world for more than 40 years.
  • HARMOLODIC GEMS: Jamaaladeen will give a lecture on his experiences as a band member and student of Ornette, he will discuss his understanding of Ornette Coleman’s compositional approach citing examples from compositions he recorded and performed live with Ornette Coleman and will follow the lecture with a hands on  workshop on concepts found in Ornette Coleman’s music. Workshop attendees can either watch or participate in group improvisational activities. Attendees of all musical interests and educational levels are encouraged to participate, they will gain a better understanding of how in “Harmolodics” and “Compositional Improvising” the musical idea is more important than the notes, and how one can extract their own musical ideas from the melody and improve their improvisational skills and further develop a unique musical voice that is not limited by their instrument.

The Workshop has been presented at:

American Composers Forum Philadelphia, PA 

Viktring Music School Austria

Valkilde Summer Sessions Denmark

Lucerne Music School- Switzerland

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