Terry Adkins Project 107 Lone Wolf Recital

MOMA, New York City, NY

On the occasion of Projects 107: Lone Wolf Recital Corps, a changing group of artists in the multidisciplinary performance collective founded by artist and musician Terry Adkins (American, 1954–2014) presents new work and reprises selections from the Corps’s repertoire, both within the exhibition and in the Museum’s theaters. An evening of improvisational sound, recitation, light, and image, Envy of the World (A Blues for Terry Adkins) features Blanche Bruce (chordophone), Arthur Flowers (recitation), Tyehimba Jess (recitation), Rashid Johnson (recitation), Cavassa Nickens (bass), Kamau Amu Patton (banjo), and Jamaaladeen Tacuma (bass). Tickets for this program will be available beginning August 24.

August 19-October 9, 2017 in MoMA’s 3,000 square foot third-floor north gallery, Projects 107: Lone Wolf Recital Corps will consist of a series of performances by the collective founded by Terry Adkins in 1986 with an accumulative and rotating membership of collaborators hailing from various musical and visual art disciplines, as well as a presentation of sculptures by Adkins that will provide an appropriate setting for the live performances ;

Projects 107: Lone Wolf Recital Corps August 19, 2017–October 09, 2017 Posted on January 18, 2017

Floor Three, The Philip Johnson Galleries

The Museum of Modern Art presents Projects 107: Lone Wolf Recital Corps. The Lone Wolf Recital Corps, a multidisciplinary performance collective founded in 1986 by artist and musician Terry Adkins (American, 1953–2014), consists of an evolving cast of collaborators in various musical and visual arts disciplines. During Adkins’s lifetime the Corps performed within and in conjunction with Adkins’s exhibitions; described by Adkins as “recitals,” these performances incorporated spoken word, live music, video projection, and costumed, choreographed movement. For Adkins, these events were part of “an ongoing quest to reinsert the legacies of unheralded immortal figures to their rightful place within the panorama of history.” Recitals, which Adkins orchestrated with the Corps through collective improvisation, have commemorated and celebrated such figures as abolitionist John Brown, musician John Coltrane, explorer Matthew Henson, and singer Bessie Smith.

Projects 107 is the first exhibition to reunite the Lone Wolf Recital Corps since Adkins’s death. In addition to a selection of Adkins’s sculptures, performance props and paraphernalia, and documentary videos of recitals, Projects 107 features a series of live performances by the Corps. The performance program brings together an intergenerational roster of artists and musicians in the Lone Wolf Recital Corps: Sanford Biggers, Juini Booth, Blanche Bruce, Vincent Chancey, Arthur Flowers, Charles Gaines, Dick Griffin, Tyehimba Jess, Rashid Johnson, Cavassa Nickens, Demetrius Oliver, Clifford Owens, Kamau Amu Patton, Marshall Sealy, Dread Scott, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and Kiane Zawadi; and others, including Da’Niro Elle Brown, Zachary Fabri, LaMont Hamilton, Jason Moran, and Kambui Olujimi.

Organized by Akili Tommasino, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Painting and Sculpture.

The Elaine Dannheisser Projects Series is made possible in part by the Elaine Dannheisser Foundation and The Junior Associates of The Museum of Modern Art.