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Jamaaladeen Tacuma Produces THE LAST POETS Album Transcending Toxic Times released on Ropeadope Records in May  

I am thrilled to officially announce the release of legendary grandfathers of Hiphop THE LAST POETS @TheLastpoetsNYC new album Transcending Toxic Time's on Ropeadope Records the first track was premiered by Rolling Stone Magazine today. Feeling grateful and inspired every time I hear their words. Many thanks to The Last Poets Abidoun Oyewole, Umar Bin Hassan and Baba Donn Babatunde for entrusting me with this great honor, this was truly a labor of love for all involved on every level, I called out the troops and they all came through above and beyond my expectations. You can be among the first to hear it. 

Read the Rolling Stone review & hear the Last Poets’ Sobering New Rallying Cry ‘For the Millions’ Proto–hip-hop collective returns in May with new LP ‘Transcending Toxic Times’


COMPLEX Magazine Premiers Young Love-

Premiere: The Last Poets and Malik B Connect to Talk About "Young Love" Premiere: The Last Poets and Malik B Connect to Talk About "Young Love"

Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Gnawa Soul Experience Release & Gnaoua Et Jazz Show  

Exciting News: My new recording of the wonderful collaboration with myself and the Gnawa musicians of Morocco is finally completed and now ready for the release this weekend. It is entitled "The Gnawa Soul Experience" I am thrilled to be able to make this recording available to the world audience. It will available for the first time March 19th Sunday in Brooklyn at Pioneer Works  as I am thrilled to be performing at Gnaoua et Jazz curated by Will Calhoun as part of the 20th anniversary of Festival Gnaoua et Musiques Du monde. This recording marks a milestone in my musical career carrying on the idea of bridging the musical gap culturally and preserving and celebrating Gnawa music and it's rich repertoire of ancient African song rhythm and dance.


This recording is the result of International music artist, producer, composer and electric bass guitarist Jamaaladeen Tacuma's collaboration with Morocco's up and coming Gnawa group Binat Gania. Guest artist includes Gnawa musician Samir Langus on sintir and vocals, DJ King Britt on soundscapes, guitarist Herve Samb and Rick Iannacone, Wolfgang Pushing on Hojak, Ahmad Compaore on drums, Yoichi Uzeki on organ and Bob Wisdom on vocals. This combination of ancient African Gnawa traditional instrumentation and musical themes along with Jamaaladeen's sense of production in funk and groove mashes together a completely new sound fresh to the global listening audience. The music is powerful with emotion and intensity and for sure will bring the listening to their dancing feet. The recording is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2017. Take a listen you will agree that this is the new sound wave of the future. Produced by Jamaaladeen Tacuma for JAM ALL PRODUCTIONS 2017
Cover design by Sound Evidence

Alhamdulillah (all the praise is for Allah) Special thanks to Hicham El Kebbaj, Neila Tazi, Karim Ziad, Fouad Wardi, and everyone at Festival Gnaoua et Musiques du Monde 19th edition for the invitation to come to Essaouira providing me with a wonderful foundation, spirit and introduction to the music of Gnaoua and its ancient African legacy. Sincere thank you to Maalem Hassan Boussou who guided me through in learning the ancient rhythms of Gnaoua for our Performance on stage together for which I will forever be grateful. Thanks to Family Gania for being gracious and working with me on this historical recording, bringing the true essence of the Gnawa sound. This is truly a milestone in my music career and I thank you family Gania. Thanks to Herve Samba, Yoichi Uzeki , Wolfgang Puschnig, Ahmad Compaore, Rick Iannacone, King Britt, Samir Langus and Bob Wisdom for helping shape this recording to bridge the cultures together. To Moshe Black and Paul Urbanek for their professional ears, and a very special thank you to Ali El Couhen my number one fan from Morocco . Thanks everyone at Restaurant (Resto) Salma for providing the inspiring atmosphere to embark on this production."- 

Jamaaladeen Tacuma 



Electric Electrico Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Roberto Cervi Jam All Productions CD Release 

Jam All Productions is proud to present "Electric Electrico"

This recording encompasses music that is built entirely on purity of sound filtering through the maze of electronics. The electric bass and electric guitar heard in a way that is revolutionary and a statement to the development and possibilities of these two iconic instruments.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Electric Bass Roberto Cervi:Guitars, Keyboards Giorgio Ferrara: Electric Piano on Track 4

  1. Mountain Top 7:58
  2. Enchanted Dreamer 7:53
  3. Your Sweetness 12:26 Funky Funkyco 16:43
  4. Funky Funkyco 16:43

Listen to track samples


Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Legend Of The Pipe and Sweater Pre Order now 

Jamaaladeen is pleased to announce the release of his latest recording , Pre Order Ship Date 2/23/2015
Legend of The Pipe and Sweater

Recorded Live in in Denmark at Vallekilde  Summer Session (after hours).  While at Vallekidle Jamaaladeen's passion for the Danish Modern Design imagery was rekindled, surrounded by the architectural elements , furnishings and art design he has always embraced as an interior designer himself.   Joined by an enthusiastic creative group of Danish musicians along with these visual cues that inspired this spontaneous composing session and a celebration of the musical era when Danish musicians  began to explore free jazz during the 1960s, the classic imagined vision of these avant garde pioneers a classic Danish Pipe and a Sweater , the popular attire of the time. 

Jamaaladeen Tacuma’s
Legend of The Pipe & Sweater

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Electric Bass Guitar

Pelle Fridell:  Sound Manipulations

Ole Theil: Drums

Morten Siversen : Trumpet

Randi Pontoppidan: Voice/Electronics

Jens Jefsen: Upright Bass 

Martin Fabricius: Vibraphone