Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Fest Clean Sweep Sessions Episode 3

Renowned bassist, composer and producer Jamaaladeen Tacuma presents the sixth-annual Outsiders Improvised & Creative Music Festival with a special 2020 theme: The Redd Carpet Clean Sweep Session. EPISODE 3. Organized by Jam-All Productions and curated by Tacuma, this year's festival will take place online, continuing its mission of showcasing diverse styles of risk-taking, progressive music and groundbreaking artists during the Covid 19 Pandemic . 
With his true improvisational spirit, Jamaaladeen has adapted to the challenges posed by the global Covid-19 pandemic. Audiences can access Redd Carpet Room Clean Sweep Sessions broadcast directly to the comfort of their own home through internet video streaming. Jamaaladeen has invited musical artists from around the world to participate in virtual improvisational collaborations. Special to this year and in keeping with the red carpet theme, Jamaaladeen will engage in discussions about music, art, fashion & design. 
The third episode airs on Oct 25th & 26th 2020, featuring members of the global improvisation scene and international avant garde including Dennis Alston USA , Cosmetic USA, Daniel Carter USA , Gerald Cleaver USA, Jaimie Branch USA,Erick Borelva FR, Saadet Turkoz CH ,Trrma IT, Massimo Magee UK, and Albin Vesterberg SE in a variety show that offers improvised virtual performances, fashion Pop culture from 1980’s & 90’s , with your host Jamaaladeen Tacuma.