Jamaaladeen At Civitella Ranieri Italy

Published on Jun 30, 2014

My first week of residency at Civitella Ranieri in Italy was filled with setting up gear and transferring files getting prepared to dive into my creative work. Civitella provides an artist the complete environment to fully express their creativity and I am extremely honored to be here and amongst such talented individuals who came long distances to be at Civitella. I wanted to start off this process by producing this short film titled SNIFF SNIFF. An exploratory look into the pursuit of living in the now. The fascination of time and the idea of progressively moving forward. The acceptance of any given situation one finds himself in and the chilled out mood one aspires to maintain. As ideas come and go, one has to act on it to fully appreciate what life has to offer.Somehow it is crucial to move forward but to remain in a state of stillness. One has to Sniff Sniff and wake up and smell the Stargazer Lillies. As our surroundings are in constant movement, the question is are we? Even the birds sing in tune. Directed by and starring Jamaaladeen Tacuma. Shot on location in Italy at Civitella Ranieri in front of Jamaaladeens studio Granaio. This track "How Sensitive" is from the upcoming cd release Rendevous Suite on Jam ALL Productions label along with David Murray on Tenor sax and bass clarinet.

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Published on Jul 7, 2014

Civitella Ranieri. Jamaaladeen Tacuma in his studio Granaio, composing and working on tracks with G. Calvin Weston on drums and trumpet and Jamaaladeen on bass guitar. Technology is at it's best here at Civitella whereas Jamaaladeen has been receiving drum tracks and material from G. Calvin Weston providing Jamaaladeen the backdrop to further his compositions. Jamaaladeen has developed this process over time. Of course the atmosphere here at Civitella is fabulous and is so welcoming to Jamaaladeen's