Jamaaladeen At Civitella Ranieri Italy Day 3

Jun 26, 2014

As I was walking around this beautiful castle here at Civitella I could not help but to think of a composition that I composed for my first recording on Gramavision records entitled "THE BIRD OF PARADISE" In 1983 when I was recording this record I had a dream of a string quartet playing a beautiful piece of music and when I woke up I composed this piece immediately , I then asked pianist/composer Anthony Davis, and  Mrs. Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez who just starred in the french  movie DIVA, if she would accompany me on the piece and I found out that not only was she excited to do this but she lived in the Philadelphia area.  This was a blessing.  We made the recording and she also performed it live with me in Washington at the famous Constitution Hall which African American singer  Marian Anderson was denied because of her race. This was historical for me.  Civitella Ranieri is for certain a place where any artist would be inspired to enhance their ongoing creativity and to find new ways of expressing their artistic desires. Peace, Jamaaladeen