Jamaaladeen Tacuma's GNAWA SOUL EXPERIENCE

Jamaaladeen Tacuma

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CD Release Jamaaladeen Tacuma's GNAWA SOUL EXPERIENCE

This recording is the result of International music artist, producer, composer and electric bass guitarist Jamaaladeen Tacuma's collaboration with Morocco's up and coming Gnawa group Binat Gania. Guest artist includes Gnawa musician Samir Langus on sintir and vocals, DJ King Britt on soundscapes, guitarist Herve Samb and Rick Iannacone, Wolfgang Pushnig on Hojak, Ahmad Compaore on drums, Yoichi Uzeki on organ and Bob Wisdom on vocals. This combination of ancient African Gnawa traditional instrumentation and musical themes along with Jamaaladeen's sense of production in funk and groove mashes together a completely new sound fresh to the global listening audience. The music is powerful with emotion and intensity and for sure will bring the audience to their dancing feet. The recording is scheduled to be released at the end of March 2017. Take a listen you will agree that this is the new sound wave of the future. Produced by Jamaaladeen Tacuma for JAM ALL PRODUCTIONS 2017

"This recording marks a milestone in my musical career carrying on the idea of bridging the musical gap culturally along with preserving and celebrating Gnawa music and it's rich repertoire of ancient African song, rhythm and dance. Long live Gnawa." -Jamaaladeen Tacuma

Performers: Meryam Gania - guembri

Sana Gania - vocals, Qarkabeb

Nada Outanine - vocals, Qarkabeb

Aicha Outanine - vocals, Qarkabeb

Fatiha Gania - vocals, Qarkabeb

Hasna Gania - vocals, Qarkabeb Youssef Outanine - Guembri

Simohamed Outanine -Guembri

Samir Langus - Guembri, Vocals

Rick Iannancone - Electric Guitar

Herve Samb - Electric Guitar

Wolfgang Puschnig - Hojak

Ahmad Compaore - Drums, Vocals

Yoichi Uzeki- Keys

King Britt - Electronics

Bob Wisdom - Vocals

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Bass Guitar

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