Legend of The Pipe and Sweater

Jamaaladeen Tacuma

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Jamaaladeen Tacuma’s Legend of The Pipe & Sweater

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Electric Bass Guitar

Pelle Fridell: Affects of Sounds

Ole Theil: Drums

Randi Pontoppidan: Voice/Electronics

Jens Jefsen: Upright Bass

Morten Siversen: Trumpet

Martin Fabricius: Vibraphone

Track Listing:

  1. Expedition: 21:15 ( J.Tacuma, P Fridell, O.THeil, R.Pontoppidan, J.Jensen, M.Fabricius, M. Siversen)

  2. Exploration: 17:30 (J.Tacuma, P Fridell, O.THeil, R.Pontoppidan, J.Jensen, M.Fabricius, M. Siversen)

Recorded Live: Vallekilde Summer Sessions , Denmark

Recorded and Produced by : Jamaaladeen Tacuma

Associate Producer: Rahima Tacuma

Mixing/ Mastering: Jamaaladeen Tacuma

Artwork Design: Sound Evidence

Published by: Jamaaladeen Music/ASCAP, Martin Fabricius, Jens Jefsen, Randi Pontoppidan, Ole Theil, Pelle Fridell: KODO/NCB Respectively.

Special Thanks to JazzDanmark and Vallekilde Summer Session

Recorded Live in Vallekilde Summer Session after hours . while at Vallekidle Jamaaladeens passion for the Danish Modern Design imagery was rekindled, surrounded by the architectural elements , furnishings and art design he has always embraced as an interior designer himself. Joined by an enthusiastic creative group of Danish musicians along with these visual cues that inspired this spontaneous composing session and a celebration of the musical era when Danish musicians began to explore free jazz during the 1960s, the classic imagined vision of these avant garde pioneers a classic Danish Pipe and a Sweater , the popular attire of the time.

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