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Jazz Lives ! Jamaaladeen featured for Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Day 

Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month

Jazz Lives In Philadelphia

Come celebrate with us the rich jazz history of the City of Brotherly Love during Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month in April 2015. With live performances, art exhibitions, discussion panels, and films showcasing the power of jazz in different shapes and forms, Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month reflects on the jazz heritage of the city, along with the vibrant jazz scene that persists to this day. Creative Philadelphia – the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy (OACCE) is proud to lead the City of Philadelphia in the celebration of Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month.

Philadelphia has an extraordinary jazz heritage, beginning with Ethel Waters and extending to John Coltrane, Billie Holiday, Joe Venuti, Eddie Lang, Stan Getz, the Heath Brothers, Dizzie Gillespie, Sun Ra, McCoy Tyner, Grover Washington Jr. and other music luminaries, all of whom set the stage for the vibrant jazz scene the City still enjoys today. The goal of Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month is to further stimulate the current jazz scene and encourage people of all ages to participate and support institutional jazz programs.

Philadelphia Jazz Appreciation Month is a project of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History and this year marks the 14th anniversary of the national celebration.

Jamaaladeen is extremely honored to be featured in this month long Celebration, stay tuned for special event announcements.

Jamaaladeen at The Philadelphia Museum of Art March 6 

DNA Galleria "The Next Level"

Philadelphia Museum Art "Art After 5" Series
March 6th

Debut performance of Jamaaladeen's latest project , that found its origins in his Month Residency DNA Galleria Held at Tritone in Philadelphia

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Electric Bass Guitar
Tim Hutson - Drums
Yoichi Uzeki - keyboards and piano
June Lopez - DJ, Cinematic sounds
Moshe Black - Sound Scapes
Ursula Rucker - Poet
Taji Nahl-Narrator
Plus special guests

While at the museum, there is a special exhibit in addition to all the other great art , entitled

Represent: 200 Years of African American Art January 10, 2015 - April 5, 2015

Explore the creative achievements of African American artists and examine the expression of personal and collective identities in a nation marked by a history of racial inequality.

Makes this a very special time for me to be performing there. -Peace, Jamaaladeen

For more information, please contact Evening Programs/Art After 5 by phone at 215-684-7506 or by e-mail at

Jamaaladeen appearing at Copenhagen Winter Jazz Fest  

Jamaaaladeen  Live at Jazzhaus , during this concert he will will be releasing his newest Cd recorded in Denmark this summer "Legend of the Pipe & Sweater" available now.

Originated in 1976 by avant-garde jazz veteran Ornette Coleman, Prime Time was Coleman's vehicle by which he brought his progressive musical visions to the world of jazz-rock fusion. One of the few jazz-rock groups to ever feature a free contrapuntal approach to improvisation, Prime Time had as much in common with European composers of the Baroque period as anything else in the world of fusion. For this special night Danish drummer Kresten Osgood has assembled a dream team to celebrate the groundbreaking music of Prime Time. None other than original Prime Time member Jamaaladeen Tacuma will handle the electric bass.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma - el-bas
AC - el-bas Kresten Osgood - trommer
Anja Jacobsen - el-trommer
Jørgen Teller - guitar
Snöleoparden - guitar
Laura Toxværd - saxofon
Peter Hängsel - trombone
Ornette Colemans banebrydende Prime Time hyldet af et særligt drømmehold sammensat af Kresten Osgood og med originale Prime Time-medlem Jamaaladeen Tacuma på bas. I 1976 skabte avantgarde-pioneren Ornette Coleman den gruppe, som skulle løfte hans progressive, musikalske vision ind i jazzfusion. Den blev døbt Prime Time og var én af de sjældne fusionsgrupper, der havde en fri, kontrapunktisk tilgang til improvisation, og derfor havde bandet meget mere til fælles med barokken og den europæiske musiktradition end den amerikanske fusion i 70'erne. Det ekstraordinære band bestod som oftest af to guitarer, to bassister, to trommeslagere og Ornette Coleman selv på altsax og var en ledende gruppe i New Yorks bevægelse væk fra 70'ernes kedelige 'fuzak'. Freejazz-saxofonisten Ornette Coleman (f. 1930) begyndte sin karriere i 1950'erne, hvor han var ophavsmand til "The Shape of Jazz to Come" i 1959 og the harmolodic method. Colemans tilgang til fri improvisation - og specielt opløsningen af de traditionelle opsætning/instrumentering i freejazzen - havde en enorm effekt på hans samtid. Ikke bare i jazzens verden, men også på den tidlige progressive rock og bands som King Crimson, Henry Cow, Soft Machine og Gentle Giant. Medlemmerne fra Prime Time skulle også senere blive pionerer i deres egne grupper, hvorfra de bevægede sig længere ud i den nye jazz-rock-bølge; Vernon Reid, Ronald Shannon Jackson og Jamaaladeen Tacuma, hvoraf sidstnævnte nu kan opleves med en håndplukket gruppe af danske musikere i den særlige Vinterjazz-koncert med et line-up sammensat af Kresten Osgood. Osgood udtaler om samarbejdet: "Jeg er blevet bedt om at samle en gruppe, der kan spille Ornette Colemans fantastiske Prime Time-numre til en koncert på Jazzhouse featuring the legedary genius of harmolodic bass playing Jamaaladeen Tacuma. Det her er mit drømmeband. Det har samme instrumentering som Prime Time, bortset fra at vi i stedet for Ornette har to horn: trombone og altsax. Sættet kommer til at bestå af ca. 10 Prime Time-numre, og måske et enkelt af mine egne tribute-numre til Tacuma."

Jamaaladeen performs at Copenhagen Winter Jazz Festival

Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Legend Of The Pipe and Sweater Pre Order now 

Jamaaladeen is pleased to announce the release of his latest recording , Pre Order Ship Date 2/23/2015
Legend of The Pipe and Sweater

Recorded Live in in Denmark at Vallekilde  Summer Session (after hours).  While at Vallekidle Jamaaladeen's passion for the Danish Modern Design imagery was rekindled, surrounded by the architectural elements , furnishings and art design he has always embraced as an interior designer himself.   Joined by an enthusiastic creative group of Danish musicians along with these visual cues that inspired this spontaneous composing session and a celebration of the musical era when Danish musicians  began to explore free jazz during the 1960s, the classic imagined vision of these avant garde pioneers a classic Danish Pipe and a Sweater , the popular attire of the time. 

Jamaaladeen Tacuma’s
Legend of The Pipe & Sweater

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Electric Bass Guitar

Pelle Fridell:  Sound Manipulations

Ole Theil: Drums

Morten Siversen : Trumpet

Randi Pontoppidan: Voice/Electronics

Jens Jefsen: Upright Bass 

Martin Fabricius: Vibraphone

Jamaaladeen in Japan 

I am very happy to announce I will be in Japan for the first time in 25 years , it will be a very happy reunion with a country that is home to many of my friends and fans . I am looking forward to it

. I will be on Tour with Marc Ribot's Young Philadelphians , Marc Ribot : Guitar, Jamaaladeen Tacuma: bass, G. Calvin Weston : Drums, Mary Havorson: Guitar, with Strings

July 25, 2014 Fuji Rock Festival - Naeba, Japan w/ YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS

July 26, 2014 Club Quattro - Nagoya, Japan w/ YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS

July 28, 2014 Club Quattro - Tokyo, Japan w/ YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS July 29, 2014 Club Quattro - Osaka, Japan w/ YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS

Jamaaladeen At Civitella Ranieri Italy  

Published on Jun 30, 2014

My first week of residency at Civitella Ranieri in Italy was filled with setting up gear and transferring files getting prepared to dive into my creative work. Civitella provides an artist the complete environment to fully express their creativity and I am extremely honored to be here and amongst such talented individuals who came long distances to be at Civitella. I wanted to start off this process by producing this short film titled SNIFF SNIFF. An exploratory look into the pursuit of living in the now. The fascination of time and the idea of progressively moving forward. The acceptance of any given situation one finds himself in and the chilled out mood one aspires to maintain. As ideas come and go, one has to act on it to fully appreciate what life has to offer.Somehow it is crucial to move forward but to remain in a state of stillness. One has to Sniff Sniff and wake up and smell the Stargazer Lillies. As our surroundings are in constant movement, the question is are we? Even the birds sing in tune. Directed by and starring Jamaaladeen Tacuma. Shot on location in Italy at Civitella Ranieri in front of Jamaaladeens studio Granaio. This track "How Sensitive" is from the upcoming cd release Rendevous Suite on Jam ALL Productions label along with David Murray on Tenor sax and bass clarinet.

. --

Published on Jul 7, 2014

Civitella Ranieri. Jamaaladeen Tacuma in his studio Granaio, composing and working on tracks with G. Calvin Weston on drums and trumpet and Jamaaladeen on bass guitar. Technology is at it's best here at Civitella whereas Jamaaladeen has been receiving drum tracks and material from G. Calvin Weston providing Jamaaladeen the backdrop to further his compositions. Jamaaladeen has developed this process over time. Of course the atmosphere here at Civitella is fabulous and is so welcoming to Jamaaladeen's

Jamaaladeen At Civitella Ranieri Italy Day 3 

Jun 26, 2014

As I was walking around this beautiful castle here at Civitella I could not help but to think of a composition that I composed for my first recording on Gramavision records entitled "THE BIRD OF PARADISE" In 1983 when I was recording this record I had a dream of a string quartet playing a beautiful piece of music and when I woke up I composed this piece immediately , I then asked pianist/composer Anthony Davis, and  Mrs. Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez who just starred in the french  movie DIVA, if she would accompany me on the piece and I found out that not only was she excited to do this but she lived in the Philadelphia area.  This was a blessing.  We made the recording and she also performed it live with me in Washington at the famous Constitution Hall which African American singer  Marian Anderson was denied because of her race. This was historical for me.  Civitella Ranieri is for certain a place where any artist would be inspired to enhance their ongoing creativity and to find new ways of expressing their artistic desires. Peace, Jamaaladeen

Jamaaladeen At Civitella Ranieri Itlay Day 1 

Jun 23, 2014

Hello Everyone, I am on board now starting my residency fellowship here in Italy at Civitella Ranieri. Being held in the fabulous medieval castle with studios and living quarters inside. I am honored and humbled to be able to compose , direct, produce and put together long thought of and unfinished production projects along with the collaborative company of some of the worlds most inspiring and talented artist. I am thankful to Civitella and everyone that has made this residency fellowship possible. Peace, Jamaaladeen

Jamaaladeen named 2014 Hall of Fame Awardee for Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation 

I am honored to be receiving this acknowledgement  by the Uptown Theater Entertainment and Development Corporation, as many of you know , the Uptown has played an important role in my life as a youth and the development as a musical artist. I am overjoyed to be able to help support this worthy cause.  Please join me on this special evening.

Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation Presents:

Uptown Theater Hall of Fame Awards Fundraiser

  Friday, June 20, 6:30 p.m. at CBS3 Studio,
1555 Hamilton Street

Guided Tour of Uptown Theater and Lunch:
Saturday, June 28, at 1:00 p.m., 2231 N. Broad Street

Friday June 20, 6:30 p.m. at CBS3 Studio (1906 Rittenhouse Square), the Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation (UEDC), presents its inaugural Uptown Theater Hall of Fame Awards Fundraiser. As UEDC renovates the Uptown Theater we understand the need to nurture new talent through our Uptown Youth Got Talent program. UEDC demonstrates continuity in creating opportunities for youth artists to perform alongside established entertainers so they understand the history of Rhythm and Blues. We are building a permanent legacy to African American music as we redevelop the Uptown into a state of the art regional performance venue for independent producers, promoters and artists.

2014 Hall of Fame Awardees: MPrynt (Motown Recording Artists), Lady B (Old School 100.3 on air talent and first recorded female rapper in hip hop), Jamaaladeen Tacuma (American , producer , composer and electric bassist ).Corbitt Banks Excellence in Leadership Award, to UEDC board members: Yumy Odom(Founder, Frator Heru Institute and East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention). Andrea Brown Visionary Award, for funders in the vanguard: Congressman Bob Brady (invited) and Hon. John F. Street (former Mayor of Philadelphia) 2014 Hall of Fame Awardees: MPrynt (Motown Recording Artists), Lady B (Old School 100.3 on air talent and first recorded female rapper in hip hop), Jamaaladeen Tacuma (American free jazz bassist and international performer). Corbitt Banks Excellence in Leadership Award, to UEDC board members: Yumy Odom(Founder, Frator Heru Institute and East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention). Andrea Brown Visionary Award, for funders in the vanguard: Congressman Bob Brady (invited) and Hon. John F. Street (former Mayor of Philadelphia)

Join MC, Earl Young, founder of the Trammps for an evening of food, fun and entertainment.

Special performance by UEDC Uptown Youth Got Talent competition winners.

On Saturday June 28, 1:00 p.m., at 2231 N. Broad St., tour the Uptown Theater and stay for lunch.

Purchase tickets for June 20 and June 28 at

UEDC awards program spotlights artists who have made significant contributions to Rhythm and Blues and those who are stars on the rise.

2011 honorees were singer, actress and philanthropist Jill Scott; radio personality Dyana Williams of 100.3 WRNB, entertainment promoter Lox Knox; and Ola Solenka owner of the Arts Garage for their contributions to Black music and the local arts community. 2012 honorees were State Senator Shirley Kitchen, drummer Earl Young founder of 70's R&B disco group The Trammps, actor Will Smith,entrepreneur/producer James Elam, Philadelphia Tribune entertainment reporter Kimberly Roberts, WRNB 100.3FM radio personality Tiffany Bacon and internationally acclaimed poet Ursula Rucker for their contributions to Philadelphia music, arts and culture. 2013 honorees were Sonny Driver, Publisher of Scoop Newspaper; Sonny Hopson, pioneer radio DJ and producer; William “Poogie” Hart of the Delfonics; 16 year old Interscope Recording Artist Cody Wise; and, Bruce Webb, legendary local entrepreneur and impresario. The UEDC oversees the renovation of the historic Uptown Theatre on Broad St. in North Philadelphia where music icons such as The Supremes, Jackson 5, James Brown, Martha and the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder and more performed. Built in 1929, The Uptown Theatre became part of the national “chitlin circuit” in the 1960's providing a venue for African American R&B, jazz and gospel artists to perform.

Celebrating Ornette Concert at Painted Bride Philadelphia  

Celebrating OrnetteFri March 21st | 8 pm
$20 in advance, $25 day of show | Members $15/$18.75
This show is available for Student Rush tickets.

Denardo Coleman Group: Tony Falanga, bass | Al MacDowell, bass | Denardo Coleman, drums |Augmented by Winds

Jamaaladeen Tacuma Band: Jamaaladeen Tacuma, bass guitar | Wolfgang Puschnig, hojak, alto saxophone| Ben Schachter Tenor saxophone | Yoichi Uzeki, piano, keyboards | Charlie Ellerbe, electric guitar | Khary Abdul-Shaheed, drums | G. Calvin Weston, drums

Ars Nova Workshop, the Painted Bride Art Center, and the Warriors of the Wonderful Sound are pleased to present this very special double-header in celebration of the 55th anniversary of Ornette Coleman’s arrival in New York City and his historic debut at The Five Spot.

Honoring Ornette will feature two unique ensembles, both deeply connected to Ornette’s remarkable past, present and future. The Denardo Coleman Group is led by the great saxophonist’s son who, in 1966 at the age of ten, recorded on Ornette’s The Empty Foxhole (Blue Note) with Charlie Haden. Denardo has gone on to record and produce many of Ornette’s recordings as well as collaborating extensively with the poet Jayne Cortez. The Coleman Group also includes bassists Tony Falanga and Al MacDowell, both members of Ornette’s current quartet. MacDowell, who has performed frequently with Ornette since 1976 and was a member of the Prime Time band and, is a seasoned veteran of Ornette’s “harmolodic” approach.

In the mid 1970s, Jamaaladeen Tacuma’s creatively free and funky approach caught the eye and ear of Ornette. He became part of Coleman’s electric band, Prime Time, and performed on historic recordings of Dancing in Your Head, Body Meta, and Of Human Feelings. Over the years, Tacuma has collaborated with a diverse and talented roster of artists, including guitarists Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, Marc Ribot, and James Blood Ulmer. He has also performed and recorded with saxophonists Pharoah Sanders, Grover Washington, Jr., Odean Pope, and James Carter. Tacuma’s most recent release, For the Love of Ornette (November 2010) revisits his collaboration with Ornette, who performs on the recording.

More than 50 years after Ornette Coleman changed the course of music with The Shape of Jazz to Come, the avant-garde patriarch remains an elusive genius whose work defies neat categories. While he coined the term “free jazz” with his classic 1960 double quartet album Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation, he’s a composer of expansive ambition whose tunes have become essential touchstones in the jazz canon. His melodic imagination often seems limitless, as he regularly introduces dozens of new tunes with slippery, careening singsong lines. And though he’s known as one of the most sophisticated and controversial innovators in jazz, his music is equally steeped in the raw looseness of the blues. In 2007, he became only the second jazz musician ever to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Made possible with generous support from the Philadelphia Jazz Project.

Jamaaladeen is honored and humbled to announce a very special addition to the line up of Celebrating Ornette Concert happening 3/21 at The Painted Bride. The Legendary vocalist Asha Puthli will be joining him singing a song from Ornette Coleman's Seminal Album Science Fiction. 

(Excerpt from Asha Puthli's Bio) 
Asha Puthli is one of the most successful vocalists ever to come out of India. Perhaps best known for her stirring vocals on free jazz legend Ornette Coleman’s Science Fiction album, Asha is a cosmopolitan pioneer of jazz, funk, soul and electronic dance music who has recorded ten solo albums for labels like EMI and CBS/Sony.

A quick glance at some of the artists with whom she has recorded, sung or shared the stage is a testament to her eclecticism: Alice Coltrane, Roy Ayers, Henry Threadgill, Grace Jones, Mirielle Mathieu, Sonny Rollins, Charlie Haden, Renato Zero, Barry White, Bill Laswell, Patti Smith, Nina Hagen, Don Cherry, Freddie Hubbard, and Django Reinhardt.

Like her mentor Ornette Coleman, Asha Puthli has always been ahead of her time, and now, thirty-five years after her debut, she is finally taking her rightful place in the pantheon of jazz legends and fusion trailblazers. There's a laundry list of artists who traded in their artistic vision in exchange for mainstream visibility. But Asha has forged a unique path ahead by steadfastly holding on to her freedom.

- Jason King, Ph.D., Artistic Director of the Clive David Department of Recorded Music

July 2019

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