Jamaaladeen Performs Art Basel Miami 2013

Jamaaladeen joins Percussionist Kahil El Zabar and Artist Lucy Slivinski for "ELEVATION" an art, theater, video, music performance during Art Basel Miami 2013

Friday December 6, 2013 PRIVATE EVENT

Saturday, December 7, 2013
Fusion Live Fusion MIA Fair/Grey Goose “Fly Beyond” Lounge Wynwood/Mana Village District NW 2nd Avenue & NW 22nd Street, Miami,FL

ELEVATION – Live Performance 7:00p.m. and 9:00 p.m. 10p.m.-11p.m. SZA (Top Dawg Entertainment, label-mate of Kendrick Lamar) 11p.m.-12a.m. Tiny Hearts 12a.m. DJ Waajeed

The evening will highlight a memorable group out of Chicago known as “Elevation”. Spending an evening with Elevation is to embark on an adventure incorporating components of theater, art, video and live-music improvisational performances. The main thrust of Elevation is to expose fine art practices to a social environment that explores and expedites events, art parties in homes, school activities, community centers, galleries, as well as, traditional exhibition halls. Elevation uses painters, musicians, fashion designers, DJs, sculptors, videography installations, dance and spoken word. It presents these artists in solo performances, workshops, and in unique curated multi-arts collaborations. The purpose is to inspire everyday people to dialogue and experience art-making of every genre, as well as in unique collaborations of the various forms. Elevation creates one-of-a-kind gatherings and art parties that make the arts relevant and useful to various communities throughout the world. In doing so, it elevates and inspires participation in the creative process. This is Elevation!