Electric Electrico

Jamaaladeen Tacuma & Robero Cervi

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​​Jam All Productions is proud to present "Electric Electrico"

This recording encompasses music that is built entirely on purity of sound filtering through the maze of electronics. The electric bass and electric guitar heard in a way that is revolutionary and a statement to the development and possibilities of these two iconic instruments.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Electric Bass Roberto Cervi:Guitars, Keyboards Giorgio Ferrara: Electric Piano on Track 4

  1. Mountain Top 7:58
  2. Enchanted Dreamer 7:53
  3. Your Sweetness 12:26
  4. Funky Funkyco 16:43

Recorded Live 2010 at Il Vicolaccio Posta Fibreno Frosinone, Italy.

Mixed & Mastered by Roberto Cervi

Recorded by Max Viscogliosi

Produced by Roberto Cervi

Co-Producer Jamaaladeen Tacuma for Jam All Productions

Associate Producer Rahima Tacuma

Productions Coordinator Maresi Mayer

Publishers: Jamaaladeen Music/Ascap, Roberto Cervi S.I.A.E.

Cd Design : Sound Evidence

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