The Origin of The Athan

Shaikh Abdul Karim Ahmad, Shaikh Rashid Awad Abdullah,

You may have been strolling the streets of Istanbul or enjoying a cup of tea in a cafe in Casablanca and heard a beautiful sound coming from all corners of the city. This sublime inspirational sound is "The Athan" the Muslim call to prayer and it happens for each prayer five times a day. This recording features preeminent Muezzin (Athan Caller) and Imam - Shaikh Abdul Karim Ahmad, Imam Shaikh Rashid Awad Abdullah, Imam Saulih Abdur Ra'uf of The Islamic Family Center Philadelphia . You will hear several examples of the Athan call to prayer as well the history of its origins and an English translation. We hope you enjoy.

Shaikh Abdul Karim Ahmad - Muezzin (Athan Caller)

Shaikh Rashid Awad Abdullah - Narration

Imam Saulih Abdur Ra'uf - Translator

Produced by Jamaaladeen Tacuma for MINERAT Productions

Recorded in Philadelphia USA, Edited in Innsbruck, Austria

Recorded by Jamaaladeen Tacuma

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