Groove Hero's Vinx & Jamaaladeen

Bitter End, 147 bleeker st, New York , NY

 "The newest American Supergroup, Groove Heroes, reunites Vinx and Jamaaladen Tacuma and intruduces David "Fingers" Haynes, Angel Luis Figueroa and Sheroe, aka Amma Whatt. Groove Heroes straddles the line between authentic world music and DJ/Club madness with the virtuosity of jazz cats. Groove Heroes is the most unique and innovative musical configuration to date. "How can these guys make this much sound with no regular instruments...it's ridiculous!" ~ Marianne Rogler, European Agentur.

Groove Heroes has an amazing pedigree. Start with Vinx ~ known around the world as an incomparable songwriter, vocalist and percussionist. Then add the legendary Jamaaladeen Tacuma ~ recognized as one of the top ten greatest bass players in history. These two are joined by the incomparable David "Fingers" Haynes ~ the most innovative and fastest rising young drum star of our time. Drum Master/Educator, Angel Luis Figueroa ~ with his unbelievable fits and flurrys of passion maintains spices of the world. All four gentlemen are proven heroes, but as you know, every hero has a super power. Their superpower is Sheroe ~ Amma Whatt ~ a multi-talented dancer, vocalist and songwriter who has graced the stage and screen with her soaring vocals and passionate delivery.

Each one of these artists has redefined their instrument while paying due respect to its roots. Their knowledge of folkloric music is not diminished by their use of modern technology. In fact, it's enhanced. Today, even the deepest regions of our planet have the internet. Groove Heroes is World Music for the New Age. If you can only book one show this year, this is it. "

Age limit: 21+