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Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Brotherzone Revolutionary Royalty Physical disc

Jamaaladeen Tacuma's Brotherzone Revolutionary Royalty Physical disc


The Physical Disc is the best way to listen to the Recording

Revolutionary Royalty is a live recording from Brotherzone's first documented European tour circa 1998. It is vintage in it's sound and the performance stands out as one of the most exciting ever delivered on stage. This recording embodies the feeling of unity amongst men and women of all races who stand for justice and equality. The message in the spoken word lyrics gives us a clear description of the state of the planet presently and solutions on how to move away from the negative and gravitate towards what is positive bringing human unity. Brotherzone through art and music is a source of healing in a world that is so in need of positive creative energy and lifestyle.

Produced by Jamaaladeen Tacuma for Jam All Productions Associate Producer : Rahima Tacuma European Tour Recorded Live Mixed and Mastered by Jamaaladeen Tacuma Recorded by Spock Cover Design: Sound Evidence Original Cover Painting by: BARIQ

BROTHERZONE IS: Jamaaladeen Tacuma : Electric Bass Guitar Jan Paul Bourelly : Electric Guitar Dartl Kwesi Burgee: Drums Wadud Ahmad: Spoken Words With special guest: Abiodun Oyewole - Introduction,Terry Adkins - Pocket Trumpet, Babatunde - African drum, The Goree Drum Troupe.



Bon Vivant

Jam-All Productions is so pleased to announce the release of the new FREE FORM FUNKY FREQS in studio recording "BON VIVANT" featuring Jamaaladeen Tacuma-bass, Vernon Reid-guitar and G. Calvin Weston-drums. This will be Jam All Productions 3rd release and will be available soon online. This new recording produced by Jamaaladeen Tacuma for Jam-All productions features the trio doing what they do best, creating and improvising music with no discussion or preconceived ideas beforehand. Morphing into blissful organic sound slithers. Representing flavors of avant funk, electronica, rock, jazz, and psychedelia. Bon Vivant is the audio tale of three musical artist who delight in the finer aspects of sound. Vernon Reid creating from a rich palette of sound colors moving the electric guitar into musical worlds unknown. G. Calvin Weston the tasty drummer ignites the fire under FFFF, ascending to the top and never coming down. Jamaaladeen Tacuma consistently lays the electric bass guitar down with serious resolve, being that wonderful low end foundation for all to follow. This second studio recording of the band is a clear improvised futuristic step ahead approach of the world's most interesting band.


Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant


The absolute best way to listen to this album for all you serious music lovers we present a real physical disc for your listening pleasure.


For The Love of Ornette

I remember playing my bass guitar in my high school latin/jazz band. I remember staying in my room for many hours, not wanting to go outside and play with the other kids, only wanting to listen and play along with 33 1/3 vinyl recordings of famous jazz musicians who played the big jazz festivals in Europe and Asia. I remember receiving a telephone call by then Miles Davis guitarist Reggie Lucas and percussionist James Mtume, asking me if I wanted to attend a rehearsal with Ornette Coleman. I remember coming to the famous loft on Prince Street in New York and meeting Ornette Coleman. I will never ever forget the sound of the first musical notes that left my bass guitar and those notes that came out of Ornette’s alto saxophone in that rehearsal. It was like a revelation to me, an awakening. A young man introduced to a higher level of musical thinking. Ornette invited me to go to Europe with his newly formed Prime Time band for two weeks. We stayed and rehearsed, recorded in Europe via Paris for 3 months. I was 19 years old. I was never the same afterwards as a man or as a bass guitar player. Ornette no doubt has played a very important role in my life. Musical mentor, life educator, guardian. He has helped me to define myself as a man and as a musician. There was one moment in my life as a young man when I was venturing on a spiritual path and decided that I did not want to play music anymore.Ornette heard of this and came to Philadelphia from New York, met with my mother and pleaded with her to convice me to return to music again. I did and I thank God and I thank Ornette Coleman. For the love of Ornette is my special thank you to Ornette for taking me in, allowing me to think as a human being, play music with the freedom of a bird in flight, and to be constant in my musical endeavors. This recording is “FOR THE LOVE OF ORNETTE” Peace, Jamaaladeen Tacuma

Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Bass guitar-

Ornette Colemane: Alto Saxophone, Wisdom- Tony Kofi: Tenor Saxophone- Wolfgang Puschnig : Flute, Hojak- Yoichi Uzeki:Piano- Justin Faulkner: Acoustic Drums- Wadud Ahmad: Spoken Word- David “Fingers” Haynes: Finger Drums- Drum arrangements performed (live) on a Drum Machine entirely with his fingers (Tracks 4,8,9)-

Produced by Jamaaladeen Tacuma for Jam-ALL Productions- Executive and Production Assistant: Regina Schlitz- Recorded at MSR Studios, New York, NY , June 21, 2010- Sound Engineer: Robert Musso- Assistant Engineer: Ryan Kelly= Re-Composing: Paul Urbanek – Next Generation Studios, Vienna July, 2010- Mixed, cut and mastered by Paul Urbanek- Mixed and mastered at: Next Generation Studios, Vienna – July, 2010-

Photos: Regina Schlitz for Sound Evidence- Cover Design: Sound Evidence- Original Oil Painting: Afro Aztec B-Boy" by Bariq Cobbs
Jamaaladeen Tacuma plays Dipinto and Warwick Bass Guitars - Jamaaladeen Tacuma uses the Jonas Helbourg Amp by Warwick- Jamaaladeen Tacuma also uses classic Labella bass guitar strings- Tony Kofi plays Tenor Saxophone courtesy of Specific Jazz-

For The Love of Ornette Physical Disc's

For The Love of Ornette

For The Love of Ornette


For you "old school" listeners Jamaaladeen's first official release on his record Label Jam All Productions FOR THE LOVE OF ORNETTE  is available in a high quality CD with a full color 4 page design.Rare and never published photos of Jamaaladeen and Ornette in the early years. 

Wholesale Bulk rate availble for resale purposes. Send your request to


The Dream Then and Now

This is a special composition in seven movements that I was privileged to under take in 1989 entitled "The Dream Then and Now" in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. featuring the Dream Ensemble with members of the Ebony String Quartet from Philadelphia. And words and lyrics by Richard Tucker , Lawrence Newton narrated by Lawrence Newton. This is a previously unreleased work and was heard as a live performance only once in Philadelphia in 1989. Lets keep the Dream Alive. Produced and Recorded by Jamaaladeen Tacuma for Jam All Productions 1989.



Bass Guitar [Steinberger Electric] , Percussion - Jamaaladeen Tacuma , Drums - Adam Guth , Daryl "Kwesi" Burge , Electric Guitar - Jef Lee Johnson , Richard Tucker , Electric Guitar, Banjo - Rick Iannacone , Engineer [Assistant] - Barbara Adams , Storm (11), Engineer [Mixing] - Guy Lutze , Engineer [Recording] - Guy Lutze , Executive Producer - DIW / Disk Union , Mastered By - Allan Tucker , Mixed By - Jamaaladeen Tacuma , Kazunori ,Sugiyama , Other [Liner Notes] - James G. Spady , Photography [Cover] - Jimmy Katz Producer - Jamaaladeen Tacuma , Kazunori Sugiyama , Recorded By [Additional] - Storm (11), Saxophone [Soprano, Tenor] - Ben Schacter, Trumpet - Jahphar Barron* , Voice [Poetry] - Ursula Rucker, Recorded and mixed at Sonic Recording Studios, Philadelphia, PA on May 25, 26, 31 & June 6, 1995, Mastered at Foothill Digital, NYC ,



For bassist, producer Jamaaladeen Tacuma Monk's musical legacy has inspired him to explore what was going inside of Monk's musical head. "The Flavors of Thelonious Monk" is pleased and honoured to take those classic Monk compositions and twist, shape them with grooves that can relate to our present day audience.

Produced by: Jamaaladeen Tacuma Jamaaladeen Tacuma-Bass Guitar, Orrin Evans-Piano, Synthesizer, Tim Hutson-Drums, Percussion, Napoleon Black - Percussion, DJ King Britt-Sound Scapes



Bass Guitar [Six String] – Gerald Veasley Double Bass [Acoustic Upright Bass, Bow Lady K.] – Warren Oree Drums – Webb Thomas Electric Bass [Four Stringed Old Hag],Effects – Jamaaladeen Tacuma Electric Bass [Vektor & Banchette Stick Basses], Acoustic Bass [Taylor Acoustic Bass Guitar] – Tyrone Brown

Mastered By – Ansgar Ballhorn Mixed By – Jamaaladeen Tacuma Photography By – Frank Schemmann Producer – Burkhard Hennen, Jamaaladeen


Rap – Tony (Bun) Green* Recorded By – Guy Lutze Vocals [From The "Soul Vocals"] – Aziz Vocals [Sultry] – Lisa Bell (3)

Design [Cover] – Jürgen Pankarz



Producer - Jamaaladeen Tacuma Composed By - Jamaaladeen Tacuma Jamaaladeen Tacuma 4-string Electric Bass Gerald Veasley 6-string Electric Bass Jerome Hunter- Acoustic Bass (played with bow) Juan Pablo Nahar-Acoustic Bass (pizzacato) Edgar Bateman-Drums Photography - Patented Photos

THE NEW BASS The bass is an instrument of equal status with any instrument know in the world today. it is compositional, melodic, and rhythmic in its very nature. Over the years very few have tried to expose the bass instrument in its entire concept. many have settled for the back up role and have not really covered new ground musically with this instrument. With this in mind , once again Jamaaladeen has set out to revolutionize the bass role. Basso Nouveau is his bass quartet of four premier Philadelphia bassists and a drummer/percussionist in which the bassists act as a total quartet utilizing every aspect of the bass.